Now after two years I come back with news from all the different MOBAs I have been playing and I have decided that each one may be different but each one has the same problems with new players. I've had my fair share of League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth, Smite, and the newly Infinite Crisis to know what the basic problems for each new player I've seen and I want to find a way to address this problems as a gamer that understands them all pretty evenly. I know plenty of people will critique me because my origins are mainly from Dota 2 but those players have to remember that Dota was the reason why we have great MOBAs today and without it we wouldn't be where we are today. Now that I got that out of the way let's get started on some other issues.

     To start with if you are new continue reading if you are here just to critique what I have to say you may also keep reading but bare in mind I'm really addressing new players and if you cannot understand that you need to remember when you first started playing one of these games. I will start with one of the most basic things you should learn in one of these games: 

     1) Bots... many people may say it is a waste of time but remember that when you enter a match with real people they will think you know certain things yet you will not know a single thing. I was one of those people that just went right into a match not even thinking about how my performance might affect the people in the match. You should take the time out to play a few rounds with bots it helps greatly. Now this is where I need to mention that Dota 2 has an outstanding tutorial for beginner players even if you don't plan on playing Dota 2 you should at least run through the tutorial on there to understand MOBAs then you can go play Bots on your game of choice. The tutorial covers the basics of what to do and what not to do but does have its flaws but it is somewhere to start if you care more about doing something and not ruining someone's day. 

     2) Learn the Heroes/Champs... everyone should do this no matter what level you are. I would take one or two days and just run through all the names of them. This will help greatly when you are working with people either with microphones or if you plan on typing everything out for the team. If you know the names of the heroes/champs in the match you will be able to easily explain to your teammates what is going on. Certain games this will be hard to do such as League of Legends where you could easily go into a match with people and 9 out of the 10 champs you know but one of them you have never seen before. When you face a problem like this take note of the name of the champion by using the "Tab" key to glance at the name of the champion. After the match you can easily look it up for more information.

     3) Take time to learn the spells of each Hero/Champ... After you have learned the names of each one you can easily start playing as them to learn this but I want to take it a step further. You should play each hero/champ at least twice to really have a small understand of what they can do and you should take that time to check all the spells. I know when I started Dota 2 there wasn't as many heroes as there are now but you can take the limited pool heroes and start with that first. With League of Legends you can just start with the free heroes of the week. 

     These are the first three things I would tell a brand new person to do when starting any MOBA because the learning curve in these games are huge. Some people may say "Oh it is just a casual game" but if you want to be anywhere near even good you need to invest a lot of time into certain things. This is my basic three things to get someone new ready for real matches with real people since most people if not all are going to be tough on you no matter what level you are at. I remember my first match with Zeus and I had Double Damage, my lane partner was pissed at me because I was taking his last hits. I don't remember what hero it was but he was mad I wasn't using it to harass. 

     I wouldn't worry about anything else as a new person you shouldn't worry about last hitting or denying or ganking or even warding when you are first starting out. If you have a solid team someone else will worry about that and if you just say you are new they will let you slide with a couple things. You should just enjoy the match and hopefully you start winning some matches then and only then I would stat

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