I started playing Dota 2 two years ago when I got into the beta. There were plenty of new things for me to learn considering I haven't played a Dota match in a very long time due to not having Warcraft 3 anymore. I was an avid player of Starcraft 2 I loved it and I would play matches everyday. I got reintroduced to Steam that Winter Steam sale and I decided that I wanted to get into the Beta for Dota 2 no matter what I had to do so I started playing Team Fortress 2 and traded my way up to a few keys and eventually brought a few games using those keys. I ended up with the Dota 2 beta a few days before Christmas I was ready to take on the world in this new mysterious version of an old friend. I was greeted by familiar faces with upgraded graphics and a very limited hero pool to start because of the beta recently branching out. Now that I got that out of the way let's get started on who I am.

     I am currently a college student working on my Music Education degree and majoring in Piano. I know that may sound a bit out of the ballpark for what I like doing besides playing music and teaching but I love using my free time to learn about video games and play them. I find video games to be my happy middle ground of feeling relaxed and having a way to reflect back on my life experiences. Video games for me open a door that I cannot open alone that allows myself to be whoever I want to be without actually going out into the real world and doing them. I can be a fast moving hedgehog running at top speed down a railing or I can be a builder and instantly an astronaut going to the moon and having no idea how I will make it back home. It helps me to understand the world by playing certain games you can figure out a lot of things about a person just by the games they play. Are they a person who loves to play detective? Could they have been a great war general in a previous life? Could they have been an expert at almost every sport and still make time to save the princess almost every year? These are answers you can only find in people that play video games and that is the type of person I am. I am that high class Attorney that started out as nothing and worked my way up to eventually meet the greatest explorer that the world has ever seen. 

     I originally wanted to start some sort of web series for this but decided against it because I don't really have the time to put into something like that until I am done college. I find that this has been helping me through some of the hard times because I am able to just write how I feel and not have to worry about people bugging me about other things in my life. My online identity is known as LegendAssassin, it was a name that I came up with because it was the spur of the moment when I decided to venture out into the online world and become something else. The name was something I came to grow to love because it was something original and something that really reflected who I wanted to be. It started when I brought Super Smash Brother Brawl, I had decided that Ness would be my main and he has always been there for me since Earthbound so why not give him the chance he deserves to serve under my new name. I had competed plenty of times to get a to where I am today as a gamer and to mold how Ness would be the icon that represented me the most. Before going to college I had played a ton of SSBB to prepare myself for what new friends I will make in college that also would play the game. To my sadness not many people played SSBB so I had to compete on the other campus to make a name for myself.

     The time had finally come where I had to show what my name really meant to me and how I could express myself in a video game on how competitive I actually am. It was a yearly tournament held on the other campus where they would picked a fighting game and have prizes for each of the winners. I went with plenty of friends so we could have a good footing on where each of us stand as well and understanding who our next opponent maybe. I had played Ness the entire tournament he is known as the low tier character, a character when matched equally with someone else of a higher tier should lose. I ended up winning the first couple matches and was able to develop a small crowd to watch me play match after match showing that Ness is a threat to who ever stands in front of me. Before I knew it I had won the winner's bracket but as I looked around most of my friends had been knocked out earlier or had left due to how late it was. 

     They announced the prizes: A Limited Edition Red Wii, GoldenEye 007 Bundle, and an Amazon gift card. I knew I was prepared to lose if it came down to it because my friends all had to leave but one of my friends stayed behind because he knew I didn't have a ride. I will always be grateful he stayed with me until the very end and didn't worry about me winning or losing just wanted to make sure I had my head in the last few matches. Once the loser's brackets were over we had to move the tournament to a different location which got me a bit antsy because moving to a location I wasn't familiar with and not having the same sense of readiness that I grew to know. I sat down and took a seat in the dorm room's gathering space for people who just want to relax and watch TV. The feeling was much different seating in a couch rather than the hard chair that reminded me that I was in control. I started with Ness knowing he was my best bet considering how much time I put into him, I won the first round against Diddy. As the second round started my opponent changed his character and threw me a bit off since it was Pit and he was known to be a counter to Ness, I lost the second round. I walked around a bit in the room and talked to my friend about switching characters before the match but ended up staying with my main. My opponent went back to Diddy and I felt a feeling of empowerment knowing that this could be the match I win to finish it up. I took a deep breath and the match had started before you know it I was one then two stocks ahead of him then I finished the rest of his stocks, I had won the tournament.

     The feeling was numbing seeing the other players watch as I walk away from my controller knowing that I had won and was able to take the Red Wii back to my campus to celebrate my victory. I walked with my friend back to his car and said thanks for waiting for me and he drove me back to campus at almost 1 in the morning. As I got into my dorm room I woke up my roommate to show off my prize and he woke up slightly just to fall back to sleep saying wow I thought you were going to win. The feeling was amazing and something I don't think I will ever experience again. I had always dreamed about winning something and for it to be something so amazing and something that really made me happy doing was just a great feeling. That's when I decided that I knew video games made me extremely happy when I win but still the urgency and blood boiling excited me of playing competitively is something only people who love to compete can truly feel. After that day I decided that I wanted to do something with video games and do something that can help new people eventually get that feeling no matter how little or how big the tournament maybe.  

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