One of the things I like to do a lot is watch videos on Youtube. It is something that makes me see what everyone else is up to and figuring out ways to eventually move my blogs to a vlog and videos on everything I would like to talk about. One of the videos I was watching was by Gaijin Goombah and it is someone I try to keep up with since he covers many things I love such as cultural and controversial topics in video games. One of his latest videos talks about how Nostalgia and how it effects video games. He talked about how it is something that keeps us going back to certain games and dislike newer games. This is the problem I have a lot and why I tend to play MOBAs over other games but don't get me wrong I brought Pokemon Y at a midnight launch at Gamestop and I couldn't wait for it to come out. His video made me thing of all the games I brought recently and if it was sheerly because of Nostalgia or because I actually really wanted to play the game besides being nostalgic. Every once in a while I look at "Brawl in the Family"'s video on Megaman being in the next Smash Bros and everytime I look up it, I have to admit I tear up a little since Megaman is one of those character that I have very fond memories playing some of them as a child. 
     Games are something that really touch the deepest part of myself and it is something that will always be close to my heart due to having so may great memories with them. Nostalgia is something so powerful that gamers beg for certain games to be remade into today's graphics just to have something that reminds them of better days. One of those games is Final Fantasy 7, a game that is amazing RPG that is still used as a standard for today's RPGs. For me this isn't a game that holds a deep memory but a game like Pokemon has always been part of me. I remember I believe it was Christmas when I received a fairly big box or at least I thought it was big that contained some of my most treasured items today. One being a Gameboy Color, Pokemon Red and Blue, and Tarzan. I have no idea what else I got that day but it was something I could not wait to play. Another memory I have is going first thing in the morning when Pokemon Gold and Silver came out with my parents to BestBuy and remembering my mom finding the pile of games before my dad and I. One more memory I have is just like the Nintendo 64 Kid when I received my Nintendo 64 with Mario Kart 64. It was something that I opened and sadly found that I couldn't play it as soon as I opened it but I remember my Uncle going to buy the right TV cable so I could play it that day. I don't even remember playing Mario Kart 64 but I remember being so excited and then instantly sad due to not being able to play right away. My last and oldest memory is playing Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the living room on the big TV that I rarely could use and sitting there playing it so close that I could see each pixel. 
     I just wanted to take time to post something related since I wanted it to be something fresh in my mind but one final note to leave for everyone is that I remember being incredibly excited for Star Fox 64 3D when it came out but I never got it until maybe a month or so ago. I played through the entire game on the Nintendo 64 version and I just kept playing until I beat it. All I could think of was my dad and how we used to play it all the time it along with Bomberman is his favorite games. I don't have any memories playing with them but just sitting in my dorm room playing through it reminded me of him and I even posted it on Facebook since it effected me that much since it was something that reminded me of my childhood and it was nostalgic. Sonic Generation was a game that I had to play the first day due to this fact and everyone that has been ingrained from birth will have this feeling of playing something and having the best memories come out and make them smile even during the darkest time.  

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